AI-powered concussion care with 99% accurate subtyping and treatment plans

Introducing the AI-powered, peer-reviewed concussion subtype and prescription technology that helps you treat patients faster, more affordably, and with better outcomes from the comfort of anywhere.

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Conquer concussions with confidence, using the AI-powered subtype diagnosis and treatment prescription tool

Concussions are complex, but we make them simple. Our pre-trained AI brings the ‘gold standard’ of interdisciplinary expertise to your fingertips, overcoming the limitation of patient accessibility in just a few clicks. ConcussionRx processes thousands of data points and best practice standards to diagnose concussion subtypes and prescribe an interdisciplinary treatment plan with 99% proven accuracy - in less time than a single consultation.

Define Precisely

Inform concussion diagnosis according to complexity with AI-driven concussion subtyping

Treat Confidently

Prescribe 99% accurate, AI-driven assessment and treatment recommendations in an instant

Recover Faster

Support faster recoveries and more complete patient outcomes, without the uncertainty

For Healthcare Providers

Get gold-standard treatment plans right here, right now

Leverage the gold-standard of interdisciplinary concussion management for your patients at minimal cost - informing your diagnosis with patient-centered, interdisciplinary assessment prescriptions generated by AI technology, from anywhere with an internet connection.

For Insurance Organizations

Reduce risk, claim costs, and patient recovery times

ConcussionRx relieves avoidable burdens on the medical system by eliminating the need for unnecessary referrals, returning people to their jobs, their homes, and their daily activities, sooner and without residual injury or risk.

Peer-reviewed technology built by pioneering concussion specialists

ConcussionRx was built by a team of concussion specialists with over 2 decades of experience in the assessment and treatment of brain injuries within the walls of British Columbia’s pioneering interdisciplinary concussion clinic. Together with world-class AI engineers, ConcussionRx was built and peer-reviewed to transform concussion care using AI.

"ConcussionRx has helped me manage my patient's recovery by providing insightful clinical reports that inform my treatment and help track my patient's recovery over time. This way I am able to ensure my patients are treated with the highest standard of care!"

“ConcussionRx has changed the way I look at my concussion. It gives me a visual representation of where I’m at and shows improvements over time. This has been a game changer for my recovery”

"Thanks to ConcussionRx, our clients have faster recovery times allowing us to reduce our claim costs and focus our resources elsewhere! We are saving money and our clients are getting better! We couldn't recommend ConcussionRx more!"

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ConcussionRx has been used to help diagnose and recommend treatment plans for patients across North America and beyond.

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