20 years of concussion speciality, rolled into one AI.

Pre-trained using data from over 2,500 successfully treated patients and interdisciplinary teams including Neuropsychologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Kinesiologists, Counselors, Behavioural Optometrists, Pain Specialists, and more.

Why ConcussionRx was created

Typically, concussion treatment requires a triangulation of interdisciplinary teams that most patients can’t access or afford. Even then, diagnosis and treatment isn’t always based on best practices, limiting patient outcomes. 

ConcussionRx was created to assist concussion diagnosis and improve treatment times by making gold-standard expertise accessible to all practitioners and their patients, no matter where they are, with verified accuracy and efficacy.

About ConcussionRx's AI model

Based on 20+ Years of Experience

ConcussionRx was built by a team of software engineers and concussion specialists with over 2 decades of experience in the assessment and treatment of brain injuries, having launched British Columbia’s first and only dedicated interdisciplinary concussion clinic.

Peer-reviewed Accuracy (Frontiers)

ConcussionRx's treatment plans are 99% accurate, as peer-reviewed in a published research paper on Frontiers of Neuroscience. The online application is already being used today to help determine the precise concussion subtype of patients alongside automatically suggested treatment plans and recovery tracking.

Pre-trained Using Interdisciplinary Data

ConcussionRx was pre-trained using data from over 2,500 successfully treated concussions using an interdisciplinary approach, with all data parsed through deep learning algorithms and iterated for accuracy and effectiveness.

The unique “Complexity Subtype” approach

Traditionally, concussions are determined by their high level “subtypes” or “areas of disruption” which grouped together creates a basic model of looking at a concussion from cognitive fatigue to oculomotor, vestibular, exertion, and beyond -  but these are not always accurate or helpful. 

ConcussionRx removes the subjective nature of diagnosis, instead leaning on powerful AI trained on interdisciplinary data to define newly coined “complexity subtypes” ranging from minimally complex to very complex across a range of more complex, nuanced variables.

Meet the ConcussionRx leadership team

Dr. Cirelle K. Rosenblatt, RPsych


Specialist in concussion. 20+ years in Rehabilitation Neuropsychology. Founder and Director of Advance Concussion Ciinic, Inc., Vancouver and Surrey, BC

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Michael Cole


20+ years in software and technology. Founder/CEO of Fit Brains (20+ million users)

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Dr. Aliya Babul


7+ years experience working in python and developing AI/machine learning algorithms. Venture partner at Global Millennial Capital.

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