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Reduce risk, claim costs, and concussion patient recovery times

Bring best practice, interdisciplinary concussion care to your practitioners through proven AI technology.

Transforming the future of concussion care with AI-powered precision

No two concussions are the same, which is why interdisciplinary assessments are the gold standard in concussion care - but access to the team of experts needed to support recovery is the biggest limitation in concussion management - until now. 

ConcussionRx brings the interdisciplinary team to your practitioners in just a few clicks, processing thousands of data points and best practice standards to diagnose concussion subtypes and prescribed interdisciplinary treatment plans with 99% proven accuracy.


Why Insurance Organizations love ConcussionRx

Manage Risk Accurately

Using the power of AI, determine the concussion subtype of your claimant for insights into treatment needs, costing, and prognosis.

Remain Safe & Compliant

ConcussionRx is a non-invasive, 100% safe and accessible online platform that complies with all FDA and Canadian health regulation requirements.

Reduce Claim Costs

With a more accurate and timely diagnosis, healthcare providers can treat patients faster without having to access costly interdisciplinary teams or missed/incomplete treatments.

Optimize Your Time

With faster treatment times, you can free up your company’s resources to spend time on new claims and optimization rather than chasing dead ends and never-ending conditions.

"ConcussionRx has helped me manage my patient's recovery by providing insightful clinical reports that inform my treatment and help track my patient's recovery over time. This way I am able to ensure my patients are treated with the highest standard of care!"

"Thanks to ConcussionRx, our clients have faster recovery times allowing us to reduce our claim costs and focus our resources elsewhere! We are saving money and our clients are getting better! We couldn't recommend ConcussionRx more!"

“ConcussionRx has changed the way I look at my concussion. It gives me a visual representation of where I’m at and shows improvements over time. This has been a game changer for my recovery”

In just a few clicks, your approved health providers are ready to start treating


Practitioners send patients a link to ConcussionRx with the click of a button


Patients complete the 60 minute ConcussionRx questionnaire and cognitive screening online


The practitioner will be notified when the patient has completed their submission


The ConcussionRx report includes an AI-assigned concussion subtype, primary and secondary clinical priorities and targets, an individualized concussion assessment prescription, and specific symptom highlights for comparison over time.


ConcussionRx and the associated tests that are inputted to the AI are all repeatable, meaning practitioners can run and rerun ConcussionRx to track patients over time, all the way from diagnosis through recovery


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ConcussionRx pricing varies depending on the number
organizations you want to have access, the number of staff,
and the number of their patients.

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The most affordable way to manage concussion, supported by proven AI

Using ConcussionRx is more affordable than existing concussion management, as healthcare providers do not need a team of interdisciplinary experts on-site, and patients don't need to access the multiple teams of specialists required to accurately diagnose and treat a concussion, traveling to each specialist, taking time off work, and inducing stress and follow-up appointments from a lack of clear diagnosis and treatment.

Trusted by 300+ patients and growing

Bring your practitioner network up to the gold-standard of concussion care, powered by AI

Concussion Rx is currently running demos for healthcare providers and insurance companies to help improve patient outcomes, reduce risk, and treat faster.